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With GlobeDoc, both private individuals and professionals can, for the first time ever, gather all health data and medical records in one place with the simple click of a button.

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Innovative health technology

GlobeDoc will bring innovative health technology to private people, medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals everywhere. With GlobeDoc you can take control of your health, own all your medical records and have full access online. Continuous Health communication is facilitated and the medical record documentation made interactive.

- And this is just the beginning in our global medical project.

An online and easy to use platform for you to access all your medical records, health charts and communicate with professionals, clinics and wellness centers.
If you are a professional doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist, or otherwise help people with their health, GlobeDoc is the given tool for you to use.
Clinics & facilities
Create a clinic or wellness center online, invite other professionals to your staff and let them interact together and with all your connected people.
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